About the workbooks

Once your child knows the names and sounds of the letters in the alphabet it it time to help him or her put sounds together to make words.  These workbooks do just that.  

They help children learn 'letter family' patterns that make reading quicker and easier and gives them an insight into the reading process.  

Use them as they are, use only the pages your child likes, make up your own word games using the words in the booklets or word cards of your own.

Whatever approach you take keep it fun.  Help your child enjoy reading.


  • What makes these workbooks special?

    They are based on knowledge and awareness of how children learn to read. They can be used with children with different learning preferences and abilities.

  • How old should my child be to use these?

    Age isn't the issue. As soon as your child knows the names and sounds of at least ten letters of the alphabet he or she is ready to learn to read. I have used these workbooks with children as young as 3 and as old as 10.

  • What will teachers say when he goes to school?

    They will love you for helping your child learn to read. Make sure the teacher knows your child has started his of her reading journey - I have known children pretend they can't read because they don't want the teacher to know!

  • The workbooks are simple - do they work?

    Oh yes they work. Don't get put off by their simplicity. The exercises help children master letter patterns and help move them away from a strictly phonic approach to reading. Use the workbooks as a jumping off point for other fun activities with your child.

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    • 'a' words

    • 'am' and 'ad' words

    • 'ap' and 'and' words

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Whatever approach you take keep it fun. Help your child enjoy reading.