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How to reignite your child’s love of learning


Is your child struggling to get schoolwork done?

Do you think your child is lazy and not trying hard enough?

Does he or she put off doing homework or make excuses for not starting their work?


These are signs that your child has lost his or her motivation, their desire to learn and until your child gets his mojo back there is nothing you can do to help.  


Research shows that more than 40% of high school students are apathetic about school and schoolwork.    Their future looks dim.


Reigniting a child’s love of learning isn’t easy.  But it can be done.


This simple four-step Recipe for Success will give you all the strategies you need to turn your child into the bright eager learner you want him or her to be.

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The first, and most important, stage of the learning process

Motivation is the first stage of the learning process.  Without a desire to learn your child will never reach his or her full learning potential.   But motivation is easily lost.  When children repeatedly fail or are bored in school and do not see the relevance of the work they have to do they quickly stop trying to learn.  


What if there was a way to reignite your child’s desire to learn so that he or she can benefit from all schools offer and become the happy eager student you want them to be?


What if there was an easy way to avoid all the nagging and procrastination and excuses that come with a loss of motivation?


There is.


After a lifetime of working with students of all ages and abilities I know how to help struggling learners reconnect with their dreams and their motivation to learn.  And I know that you can do it too!


Do you want to reignite your child’s love of learning in four weeks or less?  My unique recipe for success shows you how.


You will receive six information packed lessons, each based on a short video that shows you simple strategies you can use to guide your child through the process of reconnecting to their dreams and creating a way to make them come true.


A detailed workbook guides you through the course so that you know exactly what to do to help your child get on their path to success.


You will guide your child through the four steps that help your child reconnect to his or her love of learning.


They are –

  • Vision – your child needs to have a dream for the future
  • Commitment – an agreement to get their work done
  • Planning – how to create the steps to achievement
  • Follow through – getting the work done!


But that is not all.   You have to ‘set the scene’ for these steps to work and know the tricks that help make homework simpler.


This course shows you how to do that.


Right now you’re struggling with frustration, exhaustion, maybe even desperation about your child’s future.


Imagine what your life would be like if you could stop nagging your child, stop listening to endless excuses and knew your child was working hard, learning well, and being successful in school.  


The future would look good.


This could happen right now when you spend a few minutes working through this course.

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Take the first step in leading your child to learning success!


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for any parent who is worried about their child's future because he or she has lost their love of learning. It is for parents who think their child is 'lazy' and not willing to do any work.

  • I've tried everything - why will this course work when others don't?

    This course works because it is based on research and training and provides you with a multitude of actions you can take to help your child become motivated to learn. These actions can be tailored to your lifestyle and are simple and easy to put in place.

  • How long will it take?

    The course can be completed in a few minutes over a week. The actions you put into place can start making a difference immediately or within a few days. It all depends on what you do.

  • What skills do I need to get the full benefit of this course?

    You don't need to learn new skills. You are busy and want things simple. You can choose which of the actions will work for you and your child. They are all easy to implement and are proven to work.


Course creator

Patricia Porter Ph.D.

After my teaching career I decided to use my specialized experience, training and research to create courses for parents who wang to help their child succeed in school. These courses are my answer to all the parents who want expert advice and information that is based on practical, proven strategies any parent can use to maximize the support they offer. Parents are important. Up to 80% of a child's success in school depends on what parents do at home. These course will help you lead your child to learning -and success!