Make the most of tutoring

Discover how to choose the best tutor or tutoring service to meet your child's needs.

Move to mastery is the fourth and last stage of the learning process.

You only need this course if you are sure that your child is motivated to learn, has the skills to be able to learn and can make sense of the way he or she is being taught.

This course may be used alongside other courses but should not be used as a replacement for the other stages of learning.

Please check that your child is ready for tutoring before you waste time, money and effort giving your child 'more school'.

In this course you will learn the three reasons children need a tutor, what kind of tutoring will meet their needs and how you can provide support that makes a difference.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome

    • Before we begin...

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Things to consider

    • Three types of support

    • Three types of support

    • Three ways to provide support

    • Three ways to help

  • 3

    What support does your child need?

    • Quick assessment

  • 4

    Strategies for success

    • Introduction

    • Standard Strategies

    • The Three D's

    • Catch-up strategies

    • Accelerated learning strategies

    • New learning strategies


  • Does my child need a tutor?

    Most parents rush to tutoring as a way to increase their child's learning. And it can help do that, but only if your child has the motivation to learn, the skills that enable him to learn and likes the way the tutor or tutoring program works.

    Are you sure tutoring will benefit your child? If in doubt contact me and we can look at options.

  • How much does tutoring cost?

    Tutoring can be expensive - often as much as $40 per hour. That is why you want to find the best tutor for your child so you get value for money.

  • How long should tutoring last?

    Tutoring should be a short term solution to a specific learning problem. It should not be seen as a regular part of your child's schooling.

    If you are not getting good, speedy results from tutoring you need to check your child's learning needs.

    He or she may be struggling to learn for reasons unrelated to tutoring. Remember tutoring is the last stage of the learning process. Your child might need support in earlier stages.

    If your child is not showing good progress after three sessions of tutoring you need to rethink the support he is being offered.

  • Don't all children benefit from tutoring?

    No. A really good tutor can help your child through early stages of learning but nearly all tutoring aims to teach specific subjects rather than specific skills.

  • Should I tell the teacher my child is being tutored?

    Yes. And tell the teacher why you are paying for extra schooling.

    Teachers cannot be everything to every child. A good teacher will understand that and try to coordinate school teaching and tutor teaching.

  • Why should I pay for this course rather than pay for a tutor?

    I want to stop parents paying for support that doesn't work well for their child.

    Knowing how your child needs to Move to Mastery can save you money, time, effort and, above all, frustration and exhaustion because you will be meeting your child's specific needs.

    You can carry on guessing what your child needs or you can discover the exact type of support that leads your child to learning.

Discover how to choose the best tutor or tutoring service to meet your child's needs.