The Foundations of Reading

How to set your child on their path to success

Learning to read is the most important skill I know. But without the right foundations many children struggle to learn to read and miss the joy that reading can bring. I believe that with the right foundational skills children can learn to read quickly and easily so they are ready to get ahead start on their school career. This course gives you proven, practical, easy to use strategies that give your child the foundations of reading. In five fun steps you can give your child the skills that lead to a lifetime of learning.

What you will learn

The five simple steps that lead to reading success

  • 1

    Before you begin

    • Message from the instructor

    • Before you begin

  • 2

    Phonics v. Reading for Meaning - which is best?

    • Two parts to reading

    • Reading - a definition

    • What do you think?

  • 3

    Book Sharing - how to make it a fun reading activity

    • How to read to your child

    • Book sharing - ten steps

    • Things to think about

  • 4

    The vocabulary your child needs to understand

    • Basic vocabulary

    • Words your child needs to know

    • Other words to try

  • 5

    Recognizing sounds - the first step in word recognition

    • Why Phonemics?

    • How to check phonemic understanding

  • 6

    Basic Phonics - putting sounds to letters

    • Introduction to Phonics

    • Alphabet check list

    • Letter Sound Games

    • Next Steps

    • If in doubt....

This course is for you if...

  • you want your child to be able to read before he goes to school

  • you want your child to enjoy learning to read

  • you want to make sure your child has the building blocks that lead to reading


  • What age can my child benefit from this course?

    Children as young as three years old can benefit from the activities in this course. The activities are designed to be used with children aged three to seven.

  • How will this effect schooling?

    Teachers will love you! Your child will be ready to learn the day he starts school. The sooner your child can learn to read the sooner he or she can read to learn!

  • What are these strategies? Can anyone use them?

    The strategies are based on activities I have used in over thirty years of teaching children to read. I have adapted some of them so that you can do them at home. They are all fun, easy to follow ways to set your child on the path to reading.

  • How long will the course take?

    That depends on you. Taking the course and understanding what you need to do takes less than an hour. Putting the activities into practice can take several weeks - depending on the age of your child and how often you work with him or her. You will always have access to the materials in the course and can fit them into your own timeline.

Are you ready to lead your child to reading?

Don't wait to give your child the skills that lead to reading success.