When teaching and learning don't match

School becomes a mystery!

Children learn in many ways. Teachers teach in three ways. If how your child likes to learn is how the teacher is teaching all is well. But.... when there is a mismatch between teaching style and learning style children struggle to learn.

Discover how your child learns best and how to help him adapt to the teacher's teaching.

Help your child make sense of school.



  • When will I need this course?

    Does your child have a favourite teacher? An 'unfavourite' teacher? Was he getting good grades last year but this year not so much?

    It is not your child's fault. He or she is reacting to they way they are being taught. There is a mismatch between teaching and learning style.

    I can't change the school system - I have tried!- But I can show you how to help your child adapt how he or she is being taught to your child's particular learning style.

    The information in this course will enable your child to learn anything, from anyone, at anytime.

  • What does Make School Make Sense mean?

    It means helping your child adapt the way he is being taught to the way he learns best.

    It is the third stage of the learning process after igniting your child's love of learning and ensure that he or she has all the skills that lead to learning.

    Students can reach their full learning potential no matter who teaches them.

  • Do you know how your child likes to learn?

    Use these simple assessments to discover your child's preferred learning style and then choose the strategies that work to make learning quicker and easier.

  • Do I teach my child in the way he likes to learn?

    If you do - great - homework help should come easily.

    If homework help is a hassle it is probably because there is a mismatch between the type of support you offer and the way your child wants you to present that support.

    Don't let your relationship suffer. Learn how to match your support to how your child learns best.

This course is for you if...

  • Your child has moved from an elementary to an intermediate class - the teaching style changes dramatically.

  • Your child says he hates a particular teacher - a great indicator of a teaching/learning mismatch

  • You are struggling to help your child with homework - learn how to help in ways he learns best.

  • You are unhappy with the way your child is being taught - get the information you need to talk to the school and make changes.

  • You are tired of homework hassles and want to know what to do about them - you will learn strategies that help you stop struggling to help your child.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

    • Introduction to the course

  • 2

    Background information

    • About learning preferences

    • Learning preferences explained

    • Test your learning

  • 3

    Match or mismatch?

    • Mismatches explained

  • 4

    Learning Preferences Assessments

    • Introduction to the assessments

    • Assessment Results sheet

    • Choose your assessment

    • To check

  • 5


    • Introduction

    • Action plan

    • Standard Strategies

    • Super Strategies

    • Specifics

    • My Action Plan

  • 6

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

Help your child make sense of school!