Printing made easy

The quickest way to help your child learn how to print

For many young children learning to print letters can be a chore. Use the letter templates and special letter grouping to lead your child to a world of words. Keep it simple. Keep it fun. Show your child just how much fun printing can be. I developed this special way process over many years of helping children gain confidence in their ability to write. Use the specially designed templates to lead your child to printing.

Course curriculum

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    • Basic instructions

    • printing instructions

    • Letters based on 'c' shape

    • Letters based on 'l' shape

    • letters based on small line down

    • letters based on 'u' curve

    • letters based in slanting lines

    • special letters

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    Next Steps

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check out these FAQ's

and learn why this course is important

  • Why should I help my child learn how to print?

    Reading and writing go together. As soon as your child stats to read he will want to write. He will need to know how to form letters. This can happen way before he goes to school!

  • Why is this method so good?

    I taught kids to print for over 30 years. This course is the quickest and easiest way I know to help kids learn how to print.

  • How old should the child be?

    You can help your child learn to print as soon as he recognizes letters and letter sounds. As soon as he can hold a crayon or pencil with ease. Give your child a head start on writing by helping him or her write letters in ways that are efficient and effective.

  • Does this method work?

    Oh yes! Children learn that printing letters is easy so when they start to write in school they don't have to spend time worrying about the letters and can concentrate on the words.

  • What if the teacher teaches a different method?

    This will only be an issue if your child hasn't learned to print before he gets to school. Any teacher would welcome a student who can already form letters, especially when they learn how to do it well.

  • Why is this course so inexpensive?

    The cost might be low but the value is high. My mission is to help students learn. Printing is a basic skill all students need so they can demonstrate their creativity. It is a simple skill, easily taught, that is why the price is low.

  • Have a question?

    Contact me at and I will do my best to answer it.

The quickest way to help your child learn how to print