The magic of questions.

How to increase your child's ability to learn.

One good question is worth a hundred answers!

Questions are the best way I know to increase a child's learning power.

When you help your child think you are actually increasing the connections in their brain and making learning easier.

But they have to be the right kind of questions.

This course shows you how, when, and why to use questions to help your child learn.

Learn some basic principles, use the many examples, and master this simple, free, amazing way of leading your child to learning.

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Questions are important!

What you will learn

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to the course

  • 2

    Instructions for this course

    • Message from Patricia

    • Before we begin...

    • Ask the Right Questions Workbook

  • 3

    Let's get started!

    • What are your thoughts?

  • 4

    Questions are important

    • Why ask questions

    • Types of questions

    • 1. How to ask questions

    • 2. How to ask questions

    • Test your learning

  • 5

    The best game ever!

    • Twenty Questions

    • Start here!

  • 6

    Questions for a Purpose

    • Introduction

    • Questions for Homework Help

    • How to handle excuses

    • Children use excuses to....

    • Make screen time learning time

    • Discover the Issue

    • Just checking.....


Course creator

Patricia Porter Ph.D.

After my teaching career I decided to use my specialized experience, training and research to create courses for parents who wang to help their child succeed in school. These courses are my answer to all the parents who want expert advice and information that is based on practical, proven strategies any parent can use to maximize the support they offer. Parents are important. Up to 80% of a child's success in school depends on what parents do at home. These course will help you lead your child to learning -and success!


  • Why is this course important?

    Because asking good questions is the best way I know to help your child develop their thinking skills. And as we know - thinking leads to learning!.

  • Why is this only about questions?

    This course teaches you one really important skill. It is easy to learn and quick to put in practice. The course gives you all the information you need to use questions to help your child learn.

  • I ask my kid questions all the time - why do I need this course?

    There is a specific type of question that helps your child learn. When you know what it is and how to use it magic happens!

  • Do you have other courses to help me?

    Oh yes. This course is one of four courses that show parents how to help kids with the first stage of learning - the desire to learn. I am adding new courses al the time - check them out.

Check it out!

  • Why me?

    Parents are important. Your influence on your child's ability to learn is greater than that of any teacher. Your child needs your help to succeed in school

  • Parent Power

    This course gives you the power to make a difference in your child's ability to learn. You will be helping your child develop the brain power that leads to learning.

  • Does it work?

    After a lifetime teaching children I know that this is the one way that parents can quickly and easily lead their child to learning. I have used questioning as a teaching strategy for over 35 years. I KNOW it works

Learn how to increase your child's ability to learn